Nirali storms the kitchen & bathroom scene…and presents the exciting EBAX Exclusive Bathroom Range. Behold the bold design and functionality that heralds the beginning of a really clean environment with Total Safety. Because truly hygienic surroundings in your kitchens & homes count a lot in today’s times. Now when EBAX Hygiene Floor Drain is in, all those offensive odours & insect hassles are out!

EBAX range comes from the renowned makers of stainless steel Kitchen Sinks in the country. The committed people who have been continuously redefining the market with products that spell genuine quality, reliability and solid performance. That is what sets Nirali products apart…and in a class by itself.

Check : Precision-crafted from AISI 304(18/8) grade stainless steel with I mm thickness. Range of 16 models. Mind you, EBAX range comes from Nirali, the renowned makers of stainless steel kitchen sinks with global experience. Just think it over.

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